About us

Say Books is a digital publishing services and publishing company based in Auckland, New Zealand, working with people from around the world.

Reimagining publishing in an age of great change is very exciting. The digital world has tremendous potential to bring people closer together, and also paradoxically to reduce personal interaction. We have made a conscious decision to put human relationships, trust and care for the people we serve at the centre of our business approach.

 Who we are

Photo of Anna von VehAnna von Veh is an experienced editorial and production professional who has worked for various multinational publishing companies as well as for a Cloud Software company. She has a passion for all things digital, particularly for the revolutionary potential of web technology for publishing content, whether it be for print, web, or mobile.

Anna has presented on digital publishing topics at O’Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing Conferences in Frankfurt, at the Publishers Forum in Berlin, and in 2013 will present at Books in Browsers in San Francisco. She has written articles about digital publishing for, and been interviewed by, international publishing magazines such as Publishing Perspectives and buchreport, and the Journal of Electronic Publishing.

Anna is interested in online audience collaboration, and sees the potential of fanfiction’s embrace of technology and community as a model for publishing.

email: anna[at]saybooksonline.com


Photo of Zirk van den BergZirk van den Berg is both an award-winning author of fiction and a communications professional. Central to all his various roles is the practice of crafting and presenting information, whether for journalistic, marketing, instructional or entertainment purposes. Publishing, which is arguably the most prestigious form of such practice, has been a lifelong interest.