No-Brainer by Zirk van den Berg

No-Brainer cover imageNo-Brainer by Zirk van den Berg is the first in a series of mystery romps featuring sculptor Jules Dijkstra.

It’s a first-person narrative, fitting somewhere between Kinky Friedman and K.C. Constantine in tone. The book is set in and around Auckland, New Zealand.

The story

Struggling sculptor Jules Dijkstra tries to sell one of his artworks to an unwilling buyer by giving the man an added incentive. Others would call it blackmail. Next thing Jules is reeling from one shock to another – the trappings of his life are stripped from him one by one, and soon he is fighting for life itself. All he has going for him is his sense of humour… and a jagged mean streak.

Advance review

No-Brainer is a terrific crime novel with strong characters, great dialogue and consistently appealing humour throughout. I love it, and am sure that Raymond Chandler would approve.” – Stephen Stratford (author and chief judge of the 2010 NZ Post Book Awards)

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