Nobody Dies by Zirk van den Berg

Cover of Nobody Dies

Nobody Dies by Zirk van den Berg

Nobody Dies, first published by Random House New Zealand, was rated one of the Top 5 thrillers of 2004 by The New Zealand Herald, alongside books by the likes of Pete Dexter.

Nobody Dies is now available to international readers for the first time, in a new edition specially prepared in collaboration with the author.

The book is also now available in Afrikaans translation under the title ‘n Ander Mens.


The story

South African policewoman Erica van der Linde has found the perfect way to make sure the witnesses in her police protection programme in Cape Town stay hidden. She kills them. As the criminals turned state witnesses have exited one life and not yet started another, there’s nobody to look for them. It’s a perfect setup.

But she hasn’t encountered anyone like Daniel Enslin before.

You’d hardly call him a criminal. An apathetic loner in a nothing job, Daniel gets his kicks by hanging around Frank Redelinghuys, a criminal unfettered by normal rules of morality. But when Daniel witnesses Frank commit a murder, he feels compelled to do something about it.

Daniel betrays Frank to his arch-enemy, policeman Mike Acker, even though this puts his own life in danger. When the case against Frank collapses, Acker has no option but to put Daniel in the witness protection programme. With Erica to set up a new life for him, Daniel will be safe, at least…

Editorial reviews

On its original release, critics had good things to say about Nobody Dies:

“A tense, spare tale which contrasts the claustrophobic interiors of its perfectly cast characters’ lives with places nobody willingly goes: from lonely stretches of desert to the suburbs of Cape Town where dreams are punctuated by the sounds of howling alarms and dogs. […] Edgy and truly frightening. The writing is superb.” – Michele Hewitson, The New Zealand Herald

“He writes beautifully. It’s the most beautiful evocation of the obviously stunning South African landscape. […] A very good read and a dense, close read, an absorbing literary read, even though it’s a crime novel.” – Kate de Goldi, Breakfast, TVNZ

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