Digital publishing services – ebooks, web, consulting

We offer digital publishing services to authors, self-publishing authors and publishers.

  • ebook production: you concentrate on the writing and editing, and we’ll do the rest
  • ebook consulting: if you are comfortable with ebook technology but need some assistance
  • end-to-end digital publishing service
  • website, ecommerce
  • strategy and innovation: if you want input into future publishing or would like to experiment with writing serials online, you’ve come to the right place.

Basically, we love digital publishing in all its forms and are here to help you.

For self-publishers and publishers

Work is done for a fee (either fixed or by the hour), and you retain full copyright, and publishing rights.

You can pick and choose any one or combination of the following services:

  • Produce your ebook
  • Edit your ebook (various levels of editing, proofreading available)
  • Design your ebook
  • Design your ebook cover
  • Distribute your ebook
  • Create a ‘starter’ website for you
  • Arrange a ‘shop front’ on your website and set up ecommerce for you
  • Arrange print-on-demand copies
  • General consulting re digital publishing and tools

For authors publishing with us

If we publish your work under our imprint, we pay a generous royalty. You retain copyright, and we discuss publishing rights and sign a formal publishing contract with you.

  • Manuscript assessment
  • Full epublishing service (includes editing, design, distribution of ebook to Amazon, Kobo, and other estores)
  • Set up a Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr account for you
  • Option for print on demand

Hybrid model

This is a combination of self-publishing and full publishing, and the agreed terms would reflect this. You would publish under our imprint, but would do some of the services usually performed by a publisher. There would be a fee, and in exchange, your royalty would be higher.

We’d love to hear from you, so please get in touch.