‘Fences’ breaks new ground for the web-based PressBooks™ publishing platform

April 13th, 2012 § 3 comments

Fences, the debut novel by popular fanfiction author Laura Bontrager, will be the first novel on the PressBooks™ platform to be serialized for online reading on a subscription basis.

Laura’s readers are used to reading her fanfiction online, with new instalments appearing regularly. We’re going to continue in the same vein, making her novel available to readers in daily instalments over the course of a month or so.

We love using PressBooks for ebook production and jumped at the opportunity to also use it as a reader interface and an online reading platform for subscribers.

Commenting on the initiative, PressBooks founder Hugh McGuire said, “It’s been great to have creative publishers like Say Books thinking of new ways to use PressBooks. There are so many possibilities as we start to better understand digital book publishing, and in the end publishers like Say Books will drive innovation.”

How it works is that the first chapter is freely available to everyone – visit http://fences1saybooks.pressbooks.com/. At the end of the chapter, readers are invited to subscribe to gain access to further chapters as they are released online. Becoming a subscriber entails paying an amount of their choosing via a link to PayPal. They are then given access to the Fences subscriber website on PressBooks, where a new chapter of the book will be uploaded daily, starting on 12 April 2012. Any subscriber who pays $5 or more is also eligible for a copy of the eBook when it’s complete.

Readers are welcome to comment at the end of each chapter, creating the opportunity for interaction with Laura and some interactive development of the text.

At the end of the process, the book will be published as an eBook, sold via estores such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo. It will also be available directly from this site.

Fences tells the story of Emma Fox, a sculptor from San Francisco who travels to Tennessee at the invitation of the grandfather she has never met. She doesn’t like him much, but as for his farm manager… Emma discovers that falling in love is the easy part – staying there is the adventure.


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