Free fiction

Because we’re devoted to the joy of reading, Say Books publishes short fiction online for you to read as you please. We’ll keep adding new stories, sketches, creative blogs…

Bloody Kid

This is a translation of “Eendag dag ek ek sien bloed” (One day I thought I saw blood) in Zirk van den Berg’s first book, published in South Africa in1989. It has often been anthologised. Of this story, South African writer Fred Felton said: “It encompasses every part of writing and shows you just how a short story should be designed. Pure art.” It’s less than a page long.

Fishers of Men

A man takes his family to a remote fishing spot on the Namibian coast, to sprinkle the ashes of his father. 5 pages. By Zirk van den Berg


Over beers, two friends hear about the key event in another man’s life. 2 pages. By Zirk van den Berg

Miracle at Muriwai

A man takes his obese neighbour and his paralysed father on a beach picnic. 12 pages. By Zirk van den Berg