Say, aren’t books just wondrous data strings?

May 28th, 2011 § 0 comments

A book is a string of words, and reading is the experience of that data stream. For centuries, we wrote and read on paper. Then, somewhere in the 1980s, we started writing on screens. But we still read on paper for a decade or two. This is now changing with ebooks.

In digital form, books have become cheaper and easier to publish and far easier to distribute. To buy a book , you only need to lift a finger… and put it down.

Ebooks are still books though. A book is a book whether it is written by hand on paper, typed on foolscap, typeset for print or words on a screen. Here at Say Books, we think this is wonderful. We love books. We love to write them, publish them, read them and talk about them.

At the same time, we’re thinking: Is this all a book could be? Now that books are presented in digital form, they don’t need to stay as static, hermetically sealed texts…

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